Best-Way Logistics takes pride in our industry specializations. We understand how important it is that your items not only ship and arrive on time, but that they are treated with the specific care and caution that they require.

We have extensive logistics experience in the following industries – and assure you that Best-Way Logistics will insure that your items are always handled properly.


With an IMAX camera’s rent topping at $25,000 weekly, and an insurance value of $500,000, transporting these delicate pieces of technology can seem like a large risk to take. This isn’t an anomaly in the film industry either – it’s just another day on the job. We have the experience necessary to make sure that when you need to ship delicate and costly cinematography equipment that you can do it with peace of mind.


Logistics within the medical industry encompasses not only the movement of medicine and supplies, but the tools, technology, and time sensitive materials. We’re confident that Best- Way Logistics can make sure that your patients never suffer because of a late or damaged delivery.


Your customers don’t want to wait to make a purchase, and they shouldn’t have to. Having the right product at the right time can be the difference between a sale and a loss. Best-Way Logistics is your number one tool against lack of items and stock. We help you make sure that you always have what your customers need.

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